PCA White Paper: Billions At Stake in Paving Market

The $787-billion economic stimulus package, otherwise known as the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, will eventually have a significant impact on the construction industry, although the ramifications will take a little time to be felt. We’ve just completed a compelling White Paper and Webcast sponsored by the Portland Cement Association, which talks about potential savings of billions of dollars for taxpayers, based on the choice of building materials used in the paving of roads during the next several years. It’s a story that is quite under the radar, and our hope is that the work we are doing with PCA will help to bring it to the attention of state and local DOT officials, who will be making tough choices over the next few years on how to spend our tax dollars on infrastructure investment. The White Paper is a Special Report entitled: Dramatic Shift in Paving Costs Could Save Taxpayers Billions. It’s the third Webcast/White Paper package in an ongoing series with PCA, and we think it’s definitely worth reading. You can download a copy of the  Webcast at the PCA Website. The white paper is here: Paving White Paper

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