Why Custom Content Makes Sense In IT

One of the reasons we focus on custom content is because, when done properly, it is a powerful marketing tool in today’s media environment. This is particularly so in the IT space, where we have many years of experience. IT decision makers are using the Internet to proactively seek information about IT vendors, applications and real-world examples of organizations using technology to solve business problems. When vendors deliver content that is engaging, credible and useful, they gain a tremendous competitive advantage in capturing the attention of customers, prospects and channel partners. Custom content can be leveraged against a number of business objectives:

  • Sales Acceleration
  • Thought Leadership
  • Brand Development
  • Channel Development

All of the custom content at New Reality is either produced or supervised by our founders, Al Perlman and Mike Perkowski. We recognize that creating successful custom content is an art: It should be credible and expert-based, yet at the same time it must subtly and deftly deliver a marketing message. Our ability to tell stories and craft expert content, combined with our credibility as IT industry experts, gives us a clear edge in delivering the custom content vendors need in today’s crowded and noisy media environment.

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