New Reality Media was founded in 2008. We called ourselves New Reality Media to position ourselves for a fundamental shift in the way media was being used and consumed by potential buyers, particularly in the IT market. Vendors no longer had to rely on traditional media companies such as Ziff-Davis and CMP to get their message to potential customers. The new reality is that customers are finding them, through Internet searches, customer references, social media and other vehicles.

This new reality presents both an opportunity and a challenge for vendors. The opportunity is to have very targeted, compelling, current and expert-based content to generate and nurture leads and to provide thought leadership. But it is also the challenge: Creating this content, particularly the writing, is not a simple task, especially for marketing departments that have been stretched thin. Writing and other content creation tends to be difficult to achieve in-house and freelance writers are often unreliable and lacking in deep knowledge. As a result, content creation takes a back seat to other projects and either does not get done, does not get done well, or does not get done in a timely manner.

The reality, or as we prefer the “new reality,” is that this content must be generated, some way, some how. And it must be good. The technology industry moves too quickly to wait: Vendors can’t be sitting with stale, dated, static content on their sites, and they must constantly be creating new, interesting, exciting content to help generate qualified leads for their sales teams.

Simply, New Reality Media is the best in the business at creating this type of compelling, expert content for technology vendors. About 99.9 percent of our work is done anonymously, so you may not even know that we’re doing it, but in a bit more than eight years we have created literally thousands of expert pieces, mostly written, for dozens of leading technology vendors. We tend to focus more on the writing because it is a particular skill of ours and because it seems to be the skill that is in the highest demand for our customers. As writers we have done White Papers, Case Studies, Blogs, e-Books, Research Reports, e-Guides, Annual Reports, Web sites – pretty much anything you can think of. We have also done many non-writing projects, including live event moderation, Webcast moderation, expert speaking, market research, podcasts and marketing consulting.

There are a few qualities that separate us from everyone else doing custom content in the high-tech market. First, we are IT experts who have launched dozens of the most successful high-tech media vehicles. Second, we are accomplished, experienced and award-winning writers and journalists. Finally, we are grownups, which means we will do what we say when we say it and we can be fully trusted to have intelligent conversations with anyone at any level in the technology industry, including IT customers, channel partners and company CEOs. Our customers love us and keep giving us more work because we are fast, accurate, hassle-free and because our content is usually vastly superior to anything they’ve been able to generate in-house or with other outside providers.