Since our launch in March of 2008, New Reality Media has been a major supplier of custom content to Tech Target and many of Tech Target’s customers in the high-tech market. This is an ongoing relationship that we highly value.  Most of the work we do is anonymous, so the New Reality Media brand is pretty much buried and non-existent to the outside world. Still, even while protecting our anonymity, we can share that through Tech Target we have done expert content creation for many of the leading brands in the technology market, including:

  1. Alcatel-Lucent
  2. AMD
  3. ASG
  4. CA
  5. CDW
  6. Dell
  7. IBM
  8. Intel
  9. Iron Mountain
  10. Hewlett-Packard
  11. Microsoft
  12. Oracle
  13. SpringCM
  14. VMware

We can also share that we have done this work on a wide variety of topics and subjects, including:

  1. Using Workload Automation to Manage IT Complexity
  2. Accelerating the Business Value of Virtualization
  3. Cashing in on a Virtual-Ready Infrastructure
  4. Storage Solutions To Maximize Success in a VDI Environment
  5. Enhancing Disaster Recovery in Virtualized Environments
  6. Channel Success Stories – Simplifying IT
  7. The Time is Right To Transform the Data Center
  8. Tough Economic Times Demand Tough Choices in Business Intelligence
  9. Assessing the True Business Impact of Desktop Virtualization
  10. Making the Case for Intelligent Clients in Desktop Virtualization
  11. Exploring Database Upgrades
  12. SOA and BPM Planning
  13. Best Practices in BI and EPM for Midsize Companies
  14. How Midsize Businesses are Using ERP To Gain Competitive Advantage in a Tough Economy
  15. Mastering the Role of Data Integration in SOA Development
  16. Optimizing Data Migration as Part of a Tiered Storage Strategy
  17. Oracle BI and EPM For the Mid-Market
  18. Realizing the Benefits of Standardizing on a Database Platform
  19. Reducing Your Total Cost of Storage Through a Tiered Storage Solution
  20. Server Strategies to Simplify Data Center Operations and Reduce Complexity
  21. Setting Up Servers to Work With Your Enterprise Cloud Deployments
  22. Seven Steps to Successful SOA Governance
  23. Strategies for Using Unified Storage To Implement Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Data Protection
  24. Strategies to Cut Costs By Improving Storage Efficiencies
  25. Ten Steps to Avoiding Data Migration Failure
  26. The Importance of Power & Cooling in Safeguarding a Virtualized Environment
  27. The ROI of Server Consolidation
  28. Top Ten Server Considerations for Running Mission-Critical Applications
  29. Building a Business Case for Desktop Virtualization