More Work

In addition to the largely anonymous custom content we create for Tech Target and its clients, we do a lot of other work – also largely anonymous – for a range of other clients as well, some in the IT market, some not. For one very large IT vendor, we have written and created two highly strategic blogs to position the company as a thought leader in targeted markets. For a mid-sized IT vendor we have created more than 30 Cases Studies of individual customers to generate leads in specific vertical markets. For another IT vendor we created targeted positioning copy for their Web site, including their home page. For a startup cloud computing company, we created initial positioning documents and several White Papers.

Outside of the IT space, we have done custom content, market research and strategic consulting for several organizations, ranging from a leading anti-theft hardware/software company, to a start-up medical device manufacturer, to the leading trade association for the cement industry. Generally we’ve taken on this non-IT work based on past customer relationships and they’ve enabled us to prove our versatility, learn new markets and deliver significant value for new customers. Among the various projects we’ve done outside of the IT community include the creation of a daily blog, an industry annual report, various White Papers and strategy consulting for a trade association; deep market research, publication management, product launch development and marketing consulting for our anti-theft client; product development research, marketing consulting and various writing projects for the medical device manufacturer. Here are some samples of some of the other work we have done, within the IT market and in other markets as well.

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  2. IT Governance in the Cloud: Building a Solution Using
  3. Building a Successful Strategy to Manage Data Growth
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  5. Seven Reasons for Businesses to Shift to Cloud Backup
  6. Use Cloud Services to Maximize and Future-Proof Your IT Infrastructure
  7. Ensuring that the Private Cloud is Truly Private
  8. Making the Business Case for Automated Tiered Data
  9. At Zero VFX, BlueArc Storage Helps Turns Visions Into Reality
  10. How a Pioneering MSP Is Using Cutting-Edge Storage to Cut Legal Costs
  11. High-Performance Storage Solutions Enable Creativity and Innovation in Visual Effects
  12. How Sony Raised the Bar in Transcoding and Delivering Video
  13. Network Storage Supports Breakthroughs & Beauty in High-End Graphic Design
  14. Two Systems are Better Than One For Delivering – And Storing – Multimedia Content
  15. For France’s Pioneering Digital Post-Production Study, The Pursuit of High Performance
  16. For MacGuff, BlueArc Comes to the Rescue With Higher Performance & Greener Storage
  17. Commonwealth Legal Takes Leadership Position in Electronic Discovery
  18. High-Performance Storage Lets CoreVault Deliver Backup & Protection in the Cloud
  19. Virtualization Takes Hold at German University
  20. Upgraded Storage Solutions Support the Latest Advances in Medical Research
  21. High-Performance Storage Solutions Enable Creativity & Innovation in Visual Effects
  22. High-Speed Storage Means No Delays, More Work
  23. High-Performance Storage Enables Highly Efficient Virtualized Data Centers
  24. At Topix: Invigorating the Creative Process With High-Performance Storage
  25. Webfusion Places Trust In Reliable Storage Platform For Innovations in Web Hosting
  26. Cement Outlook: Turnaround Signals Return to Sustained Growth
  27. Dramatic Shift in Paving Costs Could Save Taxpayers Billions
  28. Paving the Way For Economic Recovery
  29. States Save Millions in Paving Costs With Alternate Design and Bidding
  30. Concrete Roads May Help to Reduce GHG Emissions
  31. Setting New Standards For Sustainability in Buildings
  32. Integrated Paving Solutions: Tackling Any Challenge
  33. Groundbreaking MIT Research Gives Transportation Officials a More Accurate Way to Measure Lifecycle Costs of Roads